7 May 2018

A heritage report on the potential impact of the Hume Coal Mine on the Berrima and surrounding landscape has won the 2018 National Trust Heritage Award.

The report was jointly funded by Battle for Berrima and Sustainable Southern Highlands and commissioned by the Berrima Residents’ Association.

The report was lodged in response to the Hume Coal EIS.

The report assesses the importance of the cultural landscape of the Berrima and Sutton Forest regions, which are the location of the mega underground coal mine proposed by Korean owned Hume Coal.

The company’s application is currently subject to planning assessment including response to the 13,000+ submissions lodged in reply to the Hume Coal EIS.

“This award to Colleen is a great recognition of the collaborative work across the community to highlight the potential risks of the Hume Coal proposal”, said Battle for Berrima President Ken Wilson.

“The report was only made possible through the generous donation by residents, families and concerned individuals across the Highlands which enabled Battle for Berrima to co-fund the project with Sustainable Southern Highlands.

“That this report has now been recognised at the highest level with the 2018 National Trust Award for landscape, shows just how important the Berrima / Sutton Forest landscape is for protection now and into the future”, said Mr. Wilson.

In her acceptance speech Ms. Morris made the following comments.

“Cultural landscapes across NSW are under threat from mining, infrastructure and urban development. Communities are faced with radical proposals to transform the landscapes they value.

“The protection of cultural landscapes has become a moral issue in the face of powerful economic arguments by giant corporations”, said Ms Morris.

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