Recession motion brings into sharp focus pre-election commitments of Councillors

This week’s consideration of a rescission motion to reverse the no coal stance of Wingecarribee Shire Council is bringing into sharp focus commitments made before the election on the coal issue.

Six out of nine Councillors surveyed by Battle for Berrima prior to the local government election in September said that they supported calls for a complete moratorium on coal exploration and coal mining in the Southern Highlands and Sydney Water Catchment.

The recent motion, which four councillors are now seeking to rescind, actually gave practical effect to the commitment of the majority of council to support a complete moratorium on coal exploration and mining by proposing an amendment to the LEP to make coal exploration or coal mining a prohibited activity.

“We call on all Councillors to respect the democratic and majority decision of Council on 12th October and reiterate support for the formal stand Council has taken on this issue”, said Battle for Berrima President Ken Wilson.

“We also call on Councillors to reinforce their commitments made before the local government elections to protect the Southern Highlands and our water catchment from the devastating impacts of coal mining.

“The Southern Highland’s community is seeking leadership from our elected representatives to ensure the long-term protection of our water, our environment, our air, our tourism, agriculture and sustainable industries that have delivered long term jobs”, said Mr. Wilson.


Battle for Berrima surveyed candidates before the September 10th election asking a series of questions about the future of coal mining and exploration as well as questions in relation to funding received from any resources companies involved in or considering coal exploration or mining.

Six councillors contacted and surveyed by Battle for Berrima were:

  1. Clr. Grahame Andrews

  2. Clr. Ken Halstead

  3. Clr. Graham McLaughlin

  4. Clr. Gordon Markwart

  5. Clr. Ian Scandrett

  6. Clr. Larry Whipper

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